Serie mit 4 Inkjet-Prints, 
Alu-Dibond, Schattenfugenrahmung 

60 x 80 cm
30 x 40 cm 
30 x 40 cm
100 x 120 cm 

„The four photographs by Miriam Gossing & Lina Sieckmann appear in the ravishing sensuality of their black and white grain like stills from 16mm film. Taken in long exposures using only the available light, the photo series I vestiti nuovi del re explores that place full of ghostly Stories like that of the pink silk handkerchief that hangs abandoned but proud in the cloakroom.The bar offered dazzling self-promoters a refuge in which they could shine like the legendary chandelier that fell during a concert and, like the wondrous script of life, hurt no one .“

Elke Kania, (Kunsthaus NRW, Julia Stoschek Collection)

Exhibition View, „Das Herz brennt in seinem eigenen Gesicht“, Mouches Volantes, Cologne, 2022

with Mischa Kuball | Alwin Lay | Lyoudmila Milanova | Hermes Villena